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today. 66 in san francisco. 73 in santa rosa. and 71 in the south bay and san jose. so lovely day shaping up even for tomorrow. a little bit warmer. temperatures top out at 74. remember that spf. we have rain in the forecast this upcoming week, wednesday, thursday and friday. >> and that's your latest forecast. lester? >>> still to come on today, ryan seacrest hopes a broadcast studio to give special kids a chance to shine. first, this is "today" on nbc. >>> ryan seacrest charitable foundation opened its new facilities. there are a number of hospitals around the country allowing the kids to forget even for just a moment the illness that brought them there. >> please welcome your host, ryan seacrest. >> you see him on "idol." >> five minutes after 7:00. >> and hear him on air. on friday morning though, ryan seacrest was at the children hospitals of orange county opening a state of the art media student for young patients. >> what's your favorite album or favorite song? >> reporter: patients like raul who have been here for almost a month appreciate the chance to hit the airwaves. >
, about five degrees warmer than yesterday, 6 in san jose, 60 in san francisco. santa cruz not bad 63 degrees. tonight set the clocks ahead one hour, daylight savings time begins tomorrow. no chance of rain all week long. have a great weekend. >> that's your latest forecast. erica? >> all right. thanks. >>> we are talking weather. when it comes to predicting the path of the biggest storms, the super computers in europe seem to have ours beat. why the difference? al roker takes a look. >> reporter: they were dire warnings that shut down the nation's capital. >> our biggest snowfall in two years. can you believe it? >> reporter: forecasters promising washington's worst storm in two years. but that didn't happen. >> the question is, tom, do we need the push broom or the great, big shovel out here? we don't need either. >> reporter: the weather channel's jim cantore, known best for braving water like this -- >> hold on to the camera, brad -- >> reporter: was left in the snowless capital. >> no snow anywhere to be found. >> reporter: cliff mass is an atmospheric science professor at the un
. especially in san francisco. you can see lots of light shower activity moving through with the cold front. temperatures in the 50s. we'll not see a very warm day. temps top out in the lower 60s today. the showers will be with us at least through noon. today, temperatures not going to be all that warm. 62 inland, 60 at the coast. showers and a few more rain patches arrive as we head .owards wednesday. lester? >> all right, dylan. up next, no golden parachute here. he walked away with a severance package less than the price of a new tv. walked away with less than the price of a new tv. fly like you've never been grounded. scream like you've never been shushed. let go like you have nothing to lose. and hold on to what matters most. it's your vacation. don't just take it. mean it. universal orlando. vacation like you mean it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete. >> frormer groupon ceo andrew mason i
to san francisco and tomorrow we'll see more clouds and still on schedule to see rain from tuesday and early wednesday and a cooldown from the middle part of the week and things will wrap up and clear out heading into next weekend. . >> i have a theory about the whole raccoon and koala thing. she said, sorry, i didn't get that. >> i figured she didn't really answer. >> just throwing it out there. >>> some good samaritans come to the rescue after the girl scouts get scammed. we'll tell you more about that after this. [ male announcer ] if you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® liquid gels. nothing starts working faster than zyrtec® at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. zyrtec®. love the air. at relieving your allergy symptoms for 24 hours. and every flush after thath - with pull-ups training pants. press the button! our pull-ups big kid app is the new way to make potty training all kinds of fun! don't miss out download the app today! i'm a big kid now! are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of
degrees. 68, san francisco. getting into the weekend, temperatures will maintain in the 70s. looking good for the st. patrick's day plan. checking your drive. see if there is any improvement. the bay bridge toll plaza, not so bad. we do see movement. the clouds are low. they are not on the roadway. they are just above that. open patches of fog. 880 both directions between the bridges. southbound just past 92. with he do have a crash over on the shoulder. slowing down. >> a slowdown for the south bay. typical commute to the south bay. this crash has completely cleared from the roadway. 101 north of 680. >>> we'll have another local update in one half hour from right now. we hope see you then. ♪ >>> 8:00 now on this thursday >>> 8:00 now this thursday morning, the 14th of march, 2013. we have come outside with everybody. we have a treat. music this morning. ♪ >> this is the sour secret society band from syracuse. a show band. >> okay. >> the orange -- >> this is not the orange marching band. they are with -- they're from syracuse university, called the sour citrus society band. >> we ha
south san francisco and in san jose, we've been watching those showers, too. moving on towardal know rock we'll see sunny breaks at times and do expect some of the rain to fill again as we head toward lunchtime and still a risk of an isolated thunder shower and the intensity of the showers should subside tonight and a few more showers into monday and we're dryer tuesday into wednesday. and that's your latest forecast. peter? >> all right, dylan, thank you. >>> now to oklahoma, and that story of the dentist accused of running an unsanitary practice, potentially putting thousands of his patients at risk for hepatitis or hiv. this morning, many of them are waiting anxiously for test results, a day after they lined up for hours to be examined. the latest now from charles hadlock. >> reporter: this morning, hundreds are anxiously awaiting their medical fate after lining up for hepatitis and hiv tests. they all have one thing in common. they were patients of dr. scott harrington, whose dental practice is now at the center of a health scare. >> i just want to get the testing over with. >> i
degrees, a >>> off to a little bit of a cool start around the bay area. clear san francisco where it's 44 degrees. 30s and low 40s across the north bay. we will see high clouds at times today. no worries about rain yet. that may change as we go through the week. hour by hour for your temperatures, by lunchtime everyone pretty much in the 60s. should see low to mid-70s around the trivalley today and areas south of san jose. a few extra clouds tomorrow and tuesday. few showers wednesday. best chance of rain late friday into saturday. >>> like it or not, lester, that's your latest forecast. >> not blaming the messenger anymore. thanks. >>> president obama is back at the bhous this morning after a high profile trip to the middle east meant to build up his credential there's? david gregory moderator of "meet the press." >> does this represent a new engagement by the president in the middle east peace process? >> i think the president is signalling that he wants to use political capital to get a middle east peace process up again. he was accepteding a strong message to israel and the region tha
their apartment. it took crews a few hours to control these flames in san francisco's bay view district. two firefighters did get hurt. one fell off a ladder. the other suffered minor smoke inhalation. both are expected to be okay. >>> a slight chance of rain in the forecast. meteorologist christina loren, i can see the clouds behind you. >> they are thickening up. marla, good morning to you. live look here. of course, the bay bridge. sliver of sunshine here. we will notice the clouds increasing, getting darker throughout the day. nonetheless, highs are really comfortable. 67 in livermore. 66 in san jose. 65 in gilroy, taking you through the next few hours, we'll stay nice and dry until this evening. stopped the clock on your future cast, between 2:00 and 6:00. showers mostly developing in the north bay. thursday we have a better chance. friday a bit of a break. that will warm us up to 75 degrees. saturday and sunday, our chances really ramp up. sunday, yes, for easter, we'll see a little bit of rain at the very least easter morning. 7:27. it's rush hour. let's see how we're doing with mike.
to report. upper 60s, low 70s. 66 in oakland, 65 on the way to san francisco today. tomorrow the rain moves in but not until we hit the second half of the day. by wednesday a washout. thursday, temperatures start to climb back up. we'll get more sunshine and that will hold on all the way through the weekend. >>> for your forecast any time, you can always check out now we're going to head to sanibel, florida. very warm that way. willard scott is here with us. willie. >> here we are. sanibel harbor marriott. always good food, nice people. they take care of you. that's why we're here. i am the world's biggest free loader and i know how to do it right. good do it right. good old smucker's birthdays. we have birthday buddies. this is helen snyder from north wales, pennsylvania. happy birthday. she's 100 years old today. you can't beat that. and this is frank ladd from beautiful papillon nebraska, 100 years old. william mcclain from cincinnati, ohio and he's 100 years old today. happy birthday, sir. you're a gentleman. now take a little look at claire murphy, a sweet thing she s-an i
in san francisco. getting into the weekend, the 70s return. we'll peak on sunday at 73 inland. pollen levels down for the next few days. more rain tuesday into wednesday. >> and that is your latest forecast. savannah? >> dylan, thank you so much. coming up, we will pass on what we learned from our moms to our mom to be jenna bush-hager. >>> and then make-up artist to the stars. you can take years off your look. >>> then, windows that wow. the secret to getting that sparkle without the streaks. and look, david cassidy's going to help us do it. we'll talk to him too right after this. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonder what other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. [ chuckles ] isn't easter fun, red? [ grunts ] not from my perspective! ♪ this is so so soft. hey hun, remem
close to yesterday. 70 degrees for gilroy. and 69 in san francisco. looking good until thursday. then, we're going to clear you out. forecast. savannah? >>> all right, dylan. thank you. voting is under way this morning for a special election for south carolina's first open congressional district seat. former governor mark sanford one of the names on the ballot after he looks for a comeback. kelly o'donnell is in charleston for us. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. people here say they've been overwhelmed by the number of candidates, many swamping the local tv stations with campaign ads. much of the attention has been on the former governor after his public affair, and he's now seeking political redemption. a chance for an unlikely comeback. >> how are you, mark sanford, good to see you. >> reporter: former south carolina governor mark sanford is up against 15 fellow republicans running for congress. >> i feel like i'm supposed to be crawling back on to this larger playing field that i had stepped away from for a couple years and i've been blown away by the warm
. 50, san jose. 49, san francisco. visibility is reduced. especially out towards livermore. you're going to drive up into the clouds this morning coming down. quarter mile visibility currently in livermore. you'll see low clouds start to break up as the sun comes up. that's going to start to break up all the low clouds. you may notice high clouds drifting on by. but probably not as wide spread. those high clouds like we've seen over the last couple of days. temperatures here, by 1:00, you see yellow. lots of 70s around our inland valley today. 60s closer to the bay. tomorrow, some low clouds. sunshine to finish. rain does come back tuesday on into wednesday into the new week. >> that's good. thank you very much, rob. today marks an extremely painful day for the family of missing morgan hill teenager sierra lamar. exactly one year ago today the 15-year-old vanished while on her way to school. since then, a core group of about 40 volunteers have searched for her every single saturday. this person and her mother never met the girl but say her disappearance affected them. they say n
friday morning. meteorologist, christina loren. a live look at a foggy sky over san francisco and most of the bay area. fog is expected to burn off by about 9:00 a.m. temperatures up towards 80 degrees inland. 70 degrees for san francisco. we do have an area of low pressure that's slated to bring us showers and thunderstorms over the course of your easter weekend. looks like sunday morning will be active. hope you have a fantastic and safe easter holiday. >>> a congressman from alaska is under fire this morning for something he said in a radio interview. ly four members who have been there longer. he turns 80 in june, and in this instance he was talking about immigration and how jobs in america have changed. >> what are we doing? >> reporter: in an interview released by alaskan radio station krbd thursday congressman don young is talking about latinos who once worked on his family's ranch in california, and he used an offensive slur to describe them. >> my father had a ranch. we used to hire 50 to 60 wetbacks to pick tomatoes. it takes two people to pick the same tomatoes now. it's all
. this, of course, beautiful san francisco. we have a little bit of low cloud cover. mostly cloudy to start the day. we are tracking fog. at its worse at 9:00 a.m. a nice, clear sky between 9:00 and noon. highs today comfortable. upper 60s. a couple low 70s. livermore, 6. fairfield. we have chances for rain tomorrow through sunday. weather. >> all right, al. >>> and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. >>> tiger woods is flying high >> he is once again the world's top-ranked golfer for the first time since his very public fall from grace. en desgracia, tiger woods de >> reporter: woods is again number with one golfer and the victory at bay hill in orlando coming a few miles and several long years from where the career spun out of control in a thanksgiving night car accident that expose ped ed e eed a seri extramarital affairs. >> for all that i have done, i am so sorry. >> reporter: after a public apology and a self-impose ped break from golf, woods' marriage ended in divorce. his comeback was playinged by injury injuries and many wondered aloud if the superstar's best yea
to be comfortable in the heat of the day. 69, san francisco. 76 degrees in places like fairfield. getting into the weekend, staying steady. >> and that's your latest weather. >>> we have a heart warming study this morning brought to our attention by our nbc station in atlanta, wxia. a 9-year-old boy and his ten-year-old friend are being hailed as heroes. a. a 9-year-old boy and his 10-year-old friend are being held heroes this morning after helping a mother save her young son. susannah was sitting in her living room when she noticed something was wrong with her son. >> he seemed non-responsive to my smile so at that point i put my finger under his nose and realized he wasn't breathing. >> rome ran outside for help and found 9-year-old rocky hurt and 10-year-old ethan wilson across the street. >> we were out there playing football and somebody yelled called 911. >> back inside rome panicked. >> i was continuing to scream, not knowing what to do, and then rocky runs in, who i'd never met, and he's standing behind me. >> reporter: rome says she splashed water on the baby's face and began to
to be pushing in and that storm is going to be bringing a lot of rain from it. from san francisco to los angeles, we expect to see anywhere from about a half an inch to an ench of rain, so that's going to cause some problems. then as we make our way as far as the winter part of the system, the wasatch, sierra could be looking up to a foot to two feet of snow. and we're even looking at a pretty good snowstorm in flagstaff, arizona. they could pick up 6 to 9 inches of snow in the next 48 hours. to the west of denver, upwards of 2 feet of snow working its way in. today, though, here's what we've got. showers in salt lake and a temperature of 47. phoenix, gorgeous day. plenty of sunshine. billings, montana, sunny and 51. denver is at 60 degrees right now. then in the next 48 hours, they will be in the midst of a very big snowstorm. medford looking at clouds and a temperature of about 30. we'll get to your local forecast right after this message. but there are some things i've never seen before. this ge jet engine can understand 5,000 data samples per second. which is good for business. because plane
shows the fbi director living in san francisco, for example. but other information appears to be accurate and all of it is the kind of data that can be bought online from commercially available websites. once someone's social security number and date of birth are known. among other victims are former alaska governor sarah palin and former secretary of state hillary clinton. other celebrities targeted include beyonce, kim kardashian and paris hilton. because so many of the celebrities live in l.a. as does the police chief, the lapd is investigating so are the fbi and the secret service. the existence of the website was first revealed on monday and as of this morning, it's still in operation, but we are not disclosing the website address. there's no indication that any of the information was obtained by computer hacking. instead, those on the site now join the millions of other americans who are victims of identity theft, though there's no sign so far anyone has tried to use this information posted on the site to pose as any of those targeted. >> pete williams, we showed some
, oakland, 580, 8808 along the peninsula and north bay san francisco will be impeded. 8 880 slows. >> we'll be back at 7:56 with our next news and weather update. we'll see you then. >>> now we're back at 7:30 now on a friday morning, the 1st of march, by the way, 2013. that is a new version of the harlem shake that was actually performed on a plane in the air and this morning, guess what, it's under investigation by the faa. the college students behind that have any regrets about doing it? we'll be talking to them, coming up. >>> meanwhile, inside studio 1a, i'm matt lauer along with natalie morales, who is in for savannah, while she is making her with a back from italy. >>> this mirror actually makes you look 10 years younger. i looked at it, i thought i actually looked 20 years old. >> if the price of this is going to come down to a reasonable price, how many people will want to have this in their homes or their businesses? >> right. >> morning anchor at wnbc here in new york new york. she is a nonbeliever. we talked to her about this on the air this morning. she doubted us. darlene d
this morning and reduced visibility from emeryville to san francisco. 40s and 50s outside. we'll see gradual clearing today as we look at monday right here and the spin of the clouds off to the west. there's your tuesday forecast. winter storm bearing down on the bay area during the day tomorrow. upper 50s and low 60s for highs today. tomorrow we'll see the increasing clouds, rain developing by evening commute and plan son thunder and cooler temperatures at times moving through wednesday. >> that's your latest weather. matt, do you recognize this picture? >> zoom in a little bit. let me throw my glasses on, al. >> that was taken -- that's my dad and -- wow! that's amazing. >> this lady was your neighbor. >> yes, we were, when we were very young, very young. >> wow! that's got to be -- that picture has to be 50 something years old. thank her for that. i'll come out and say hi in a sec. >>> it has been called the most dangerous corner of the world, hot bed of terrorism in pakistan where many officials once believed that osama bin laden was hiding out. and it has been off limits to foreigners u
on san francisco's bay bridge is being billed as the world's largest l.e.d. light sculpture. >> the bay bridge is beautiful, too. i wanted to find a way to let this bridge shine in the region's consciousness once more. >> reporter: first opened in 1936, the bay bridge is the lesser known, harder working cousin of the golden gate bridge, carrying more than twice as much annual traffic. to raise the bridge's profile, davis turned to artist leo villarreal, best known for light sculptures in new york and washington, d.c. for this project, called the bay lights, villarreal is using 25,000 white bulbs to illuminate the bridge's 1.8-mile west side. >> the movement of water, traffic. >> reporter: the ever-evolving pattern is controlled by a software program on his laptop, ensuring a different look every night. the bay lights follows in the footsteps of other big city projects like the gates in central park and the waterfalls on new york's east river. and like those other famous attractions, the price is right for spectators. >> what could be better? free show, good friends. >> reporter: the cos
christina loren. this is san francisco, though it's hard to make out with this blanket of fog overhead. that sun is up, the fog will clear. good to see the bay bridge peeking out at top. 83 in gilroy, 80 in livermore. making this the warmest day of the year so far. make sure yew ready for that. we'll cool off just a touch for thursday and friday. saturday into subpoenaed looking good. laredo, texas, hanging out. any time you need your weather go to weather channel on cable or online. matt? >> all right, al. thank you very much. a senate panel holds a hearing on sexual assaults in the u.s. military. some lawmakers are outraged over one case in particular. an air force general who just overturned the conviction of a top combat pilot for assaulting a woman at his home. now in an exclusive interview with nbc fews the accuser is telling her side of the story. here's nbc's michael isikoff. >> i couldn't let this guy get away with it. >> reporter: kimberly hanks is speaking out for the first time about testifying last year that she was sexually assaulted by air force lieutenant co
closer to san francisco. tomorrow morning we'll see more low clouds to start off the day and in the middle part of the week, mid to upper 70s inland by wednesday. >>> and that is your latest forecast. erica? >> dylan, thanks. the clocks may have changed overnight, but in washington it is status quo. president obama and congress still deadlocked over the budget which had plenty of fodder. the annual event where there is plenty of joking is and no cameras allowed which makes it safe in this twitter age. to poke a little fun the president took that moment opening his remarks with a little disclaimer and nod to everyone's favorite topic these days, the sequester. saying, "my joke writers have been place on furlough. no one will feel any immediate impact because of the sequester. we're about to find out how wrong you are. david gregory moderator of "meet the press". >> good morning. i stayed up way too late. >> you're still here this morning and we appreciate it. obviously there was the sequester, the butt of many jokes last night. we should point out a little glimmer of hopes
offer. we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ that's why i take new trubiotics. it's a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. one helps support digestive health, the other immune health. stay true to your health. new trubiotics. from the makers of one-a-day. >> it is time for webtastic where our own sara haynes digs up the video you'll want to share with your friends. >> this one features a group of guys who thought they'd have fun with a pizza delivery man. >> they pretended to be part of a secret society, and the delivery man had no idea what he was walking into. check it out. >> this is -- ♪ >> so this happened in hoboken, by the way, and the birthday boy decided to throw a secret society birthday. this is a last minute call. look how freaked out this guy is. they're all in masks. >> oh, freaky. >> now, would you have walked in on that? i don't think i would have gone in. >> presents
a developing story out of san francisco this morning where police are investigating a possible officer-involved shooting. it happened in the city's visitation valley neighborhood near the intersection of bayshore dvld and hester avenue right alongside highway 101. there are reports that daly city police were trying to pull over the driver of a car when that suspect tried to flee on foot. there was a short chase and then one officer shot the suspect. no word on the suspect's condition at this time, but we can tell you that no officers were hurt. we will continue to follow this story throughout the morning and bring you more information as we get it. >>> after three days of dealing with the emotional stress of losing two officers, santa cruz police are now back out on patrol. we found them driving around the streets of downtown santa cruz last night where we also found sidewalk-performing groups like the high tones trying to lift the spirits of that their community. >> you don't stop doing the things you love and bring the community together, you keep doing those things. >> the funeral f
only dry day. 69 for livermore, 64 in fremont and 64 in san francisco. we are going to stay level. check your drive with mike. >>> the east bay, a pretty typical build. your typical troubled spots, 880 and the like. we are looking over towards the peninsula. major delays along the rails. there is a bus bridge between mountainview and menlo park. it sounds like someone was killed in the northbound direction. a smooth drive for the freeways. north 101 at interstate 80, a crash just clearing. big backup coming up in that area. our next local news update. we will see you again at 7:56. ♪ >>> those are the smooth sounds of usher, who is preparing for his debut as a coach on "the voice." coming up, why he decided to join the show and what he feels can he offer the could be test ants. he's the guy who took justin bieber under his wing. 7:30, march 25th, 2013, i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer. >>> also deck shepherd opens up a way his wife let their dying father meet his grandchild. >>> it's been almost a year since jerry sandusky was convicted of sexually abusing boys. during
might find yourself in a marilyn moment. we are expecting the 70s today. 66 in san francisco. nice, warm weekend ahead. the rain returns wednesday into thursday. maybe a good day to fly a kite rather than to wear the marilyn dress. have a great day! >>> i love really skinny jeans. >> it's like they were made just for me. >> live your life. >> well the ad is eye-catching shall we say the skinniest skinny jean ever, a perfect fit every time. thousands of people trying to buy them but we had to know, are these for real? we have the proof right here in our studio. at least we think we do. we'll investigate, matt's volunteering. >> no, i'm not sure guys should be buying these things. >> they do have them for men. you probably know that because you're constantly surfing that website. >> exactly, um-hum. >> 7:30 on this friday morning, 292nd of march, 2013. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer. >> i'm going to put that off for a second. on a more serious note in a fire will a blaring smoke alarm actually wake up your family, your children? we've got the results of our tests that shocked ev
of 70s. 68 degrees for san francisco. if you like the warm weather, we keep it going all the way through wednesday. we will peek at 81 degrees. start to level off thursday, friday, saturday, and sunday. things change. we bring in the clouds and maybe a stray shower for the north bay sunday into monday. let's check your drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning, christina. a heavier volume of traffic. 92 over the bay, pretty steady westbound. 92, san mateo hills, closed between skyline and half moon bay. the earlier crash, we told you about major injuries reported. we just got an update from chp the helicopter ha took that victim away has died as a result of the crash. highway 1 is your alternate. we are seeing a slower drive there and patches of fog. you will have to take that for your alternate to 92 which is cut off. the south bay, northbound routes continue to build. a little more gently. 85 with the most significant change over the last 20 minutes. back to you. >> thank you very much. we will have more local updates in one half hour from now. we certainly hope to see you then. >>> b
problems. let's head out west. big storm system coming onshore in california. from san francisco all the way down to san diego, heavy rain along the coast. but as you make your way inland we are going to be looking at a lot of snow over the next 24 to 48 hours, from arizona all the way in to the rockies and points to the east. you can see that heavy snow starting to fall. snowfall amounts basically about one to two feet from northern arizona all the way into the rockies with one to two inches of rain along the california coast. we'll get to your local forecast. but first this message. i had a shamrock shake. i hate you. and i got one for you, too. i love you. [ male announcer ] the magical, minty flavor you'll covet with all your heart. mccafé shamrock shake from mcdonald's. the simple joy of... mint. ♪ >>> happy friday. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren taking a live look over san jose. the time is 7:15. we still have clouds lingering over the western facing slopes but overall we are clearing you out quickly. done with the rain at least for now. 60 degrees in liverm
for some fog and 62 here in san francisco a little bit later on at 7:15. wanted to start with this live picture of the golden gate bridge completely covered with fog. your temperatures right now are in the upper 50s and low 60s. we're headed towards readings close to 70 just about everywhere. even with showers in the forecast, 70 degrees for livermore. 62, san francisco. 67 degrees in oakland. getting into saturday, our rain chances ramp up. a few thunderstorms in the forecast for easter morning. weather. matt? >> thanks very much. >>> coming up, you can't find a comb, well, why not print one? the remarkable things you can do with the 3d printer. >>> and then the little girl who may have the world's best laugh. >>> but first, these messages. so let's break down this play. charles? uh, charles couldn't make it. his single miles card blacked him out here and here. he should have used... the capital one venture card. he's coming to us from home. hey fellas... hey baby, you want mama to iron your undies? nice tightie whities. i didn't know mrs. barkley made quilts. really? looks like a circ
parts of the bay area. 53 degrees in san francisco now. 55 in san jose. mild and muggy start. today, likely to be the drier of the two weekend days. the system offshore moves inland this time tomorrow morning. so expect 60s to mid-70s today. scattered showers, maybe thunder, for easter sunday, before showers shut down. >>> for your forecast any time you can always check it out on lester? >> thanks, dylan. if you thought cars were just for getting you where you need to go, that's so last century. wait until you see the new innovations coming your way. we sent today's digital lifestyle contributor mario armstrong to the new york auto show to get a glimpse into the future. >> reporter: there is the sleek design and bold colors. >> this is jalapeno. >> reporter: like hot. >> absolutely. rncht but >> reporter: but it's the new smart technology. >> there are remote control capabilities like lock and unlock the door. you can start your car. it gives you a kind of health report so you can check on the car, get your mileage. it can give you your battery health. how is that doing
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a game. and with the money we saved, we took a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ >>> actress jennifer esposito has been turning heads for 20 years, now she's taking her talents to the kitchen, opening a gluten-free bakery right here in manhattan and appearing in a new documentary reality series called "playing with fire." >> it focuses on the lives of chefs trying to make it. and jennifer turns up the heat. with her own cooking skills. take a look. >> this looks good. yeah. what do i have? i have no measurement on salt. it just says salt. >> i never heard of a baker that doesn't measure. >> honestly i do things my way. people say to me to be a baker everything has to be so precise, and i'm like, yeah. look, that looks like a gnocchi. >> you're repulsed by me, i know. >> hi. good to see you. >> thank you. >> happy to have you with us. >> thank you. >> you took a lemon that you were given, this celiac diagnosis, and you t
, the destination close to my heart. carmel valley, just 120 miles south of san francisco. this is quail lodge. what i love about it is that it's been recently renovated to the tune of $28 million. not even open yet, it opens on march 26th. so talk about a new car smell, this is a brand new resort. and they actually even have a great land cruiser experience. so if you want to turn around and do some adrenaline-pumping driving, this is your place and there's golf. >> and how far is that from carmel by the sea? >> just inland. >> a quick drive. >> that by itself has to be visited. >> it's so beautiful. >> quiet, if you're looking for something bucolic, that's your spot. >> washington, d.c., the cherry blossoms? >> the festival starts on march 20th. they're expecting the peak day to be march 26th. this is a great spot, the liaison capital hotel, located, the closest hotel to the capitol, within walking distance of the national mall and the smithsonian. they'll do a great deal for you. $175, they throw in all sorts of picnic stuff and cherry and chocolate cookies and it's a really great and fun deal. >>
... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues... with three strains of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. >>> time for three two one live, sara is hanging out with the crowd over at the nbc experience store. >> it's a pretty rowdy crowd. first up, jennifer from texas. now that it's warmer in the city, what are some fun things to do? >> i like anything outside, i love central park. if you take a stroll through there and see everything. i love the city, little italy. all of the places when they get warm is beautiful. >> the high line is new and a lot of fun. it's a good time to go down and explore some of the little neighborhoods, that are downtown, that are completely, you can't believe you're still in manhattan. you've gone from the upper west side or -- harlem down there and it's like many, many little diff
-r-eat! we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day men's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for men's health concerns as we age. it has 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day men's 50+. >>> time for three, two, one, live with sara haines. where we take questions from the crowd. >> sara, how afraid should we be? >> very afraid. first up someone from oklahoma, shannon. >> good morning, ladies, we're in new york until saturday. what are your top picks for sightseeing? >> top picks for sightseeing. >> in new york city? >> what do you think? >> i really love the village. greenwich village, that's my favorite. >> i'm all about the restaurants, like go to balthaazar. >> you have to do central park. going to the top of the rock is a terrific view, it's a great time. it's going to warm up. so you're not picking a bad time. >> let's try to ge
downtown, in chicago rather, and in san francisco. then we have a show in washington, d.c., which ties in with the cherry blossom festival. >> you informed us, robin, the thing we're looking at on top of the elephant, what is that called? >> a howda. today we'll call it a hoda. >> hoda needs to go on top of the elephant. >> i've been there before. >> it's pretty, isn't it? >> robin, thank you so much. >>> coming up we are going to test our floral knowledge and make it a competition. get ready, natalie. >> it's on. >> first this is "today" on nbc. >> okay, i'm ready. ♪ >>> back now our "spring fling today" celebrating the first day of spring. even though it doesn't exactly feel like it, we are really excited for the new season. ♪ >> what i like about spring is the flowers. >> the weather and the sunshine. >> my favorite part about spring is that i can be outside with my friends and we get a week off of school. >> it's getting close to graduation. >> kickball. >> the one year we have decent weather in austin, texas. >> it's fun! ♪ ♪ falling from the sky, brighter than the sun ♪
the northeast. but here comes the next system as they do this time of year. rain in san francisco and snow to places like the cascade mountain 37ss a little bit of snow as we get into some of the mountain areas. the temperatures in the 40s, also rebounding there in florida. back into the 70s for you in orlando. by saturday, a pretty big rain event all the way to houston right on up to minneapolis. chicago, you'll be looking at 43 degrees. 65 in atlanta. sunday, more of the same as the system begins to stay right there in center of the country. not moving quickly. and you can see we're back into the warm temperatures in florida. 49 degrees for you on the east coast. then on monday, we have in new orleans, right on up through chicago. looking 39 degrees into the northern reaches of minnesota. so keep an eye out for "wake up with al." all weather stories, 5:30 to 7:00 a.m. on the weather channel. have given way to sleeping. tossing and turning where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta®(eszopiclone) can help you get there. like it has for so many people before. when taking lu
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with you. you're sitting around wondering. this is a san francisco man who was trying to reach his dying mother who only had i guess about 24 hours to live. he got stuck on a delayed flight which happens. which anytime you're making connections and risking making his houston connection to lubbock, texas. which is not easy to get to. >> it's not. sometimes when you're in houston you've got to get on that air tran thing. so there were so many other modes of transportation before he got on the plane he needed to make and it was delayed. he thought i'm never going to make this connection. but he did the full on sprint and he ran to the plane. when he got there he was surprised to find out that the plane was waiting for him. the gate agent knew his name. they had communicated from the other gate agents, please hold -- >> they newt story. >> they held the plane for 15 to 20 minutes. not one person on that flight complained. >> they were told. >> they knew what was happening. i think we've all been sitting on the plane what's taking so long. then you watch someone with lots of bags get on and y
saved, we took a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ its pretty new shape quickly fills a room with fragrance. and a room with fragrance... sets the stage for life. introducing the new candle from glade. diarrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues... with three strains of good bacteria. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. so you can do more. ♪ ♪ only degree has motionsense activated by your movement, the more you move the more it protects. ♪ do more. ♪ degree. it won't let you down. >>> on today's home the latest and greatest gadgets from the international home and house wears show. >> who better to show them off than "today" contributor and host of the syndicated show "house smarts." we love this guy. who is it, hoda? >> lou manfredini. >> we love to yell your name. >> thank you. thank you. you're leaning on the new way we'r
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francisco, 48 in san jose. winds starting to pick up a little bit. you'll notice more of that as we head into the afternoon as the clouds start to increase. you'll see the rain on the north coast dropping in towards the evening. should see upper 50s and low 60s for the high today. tonight scattered showers, unsettled weather through friday morning. for the weekend skies clear. look at those temperatures warming up, 60s to near 70 by monday. >> so you asked sonia to marry you. and you said? >> i said yes. >> let's see if there's a no on the other -- >> standing there with a yes card. you know each other. congratulations. >>> coming up, "today's" professionals weigh in on a number of hot topics. then we'll talk to miss tina fey about her new movie, award shows and life after "30 rock." >>> then a miracle baby goes on to survive an extremely rare condition. we'll have that story. first, these messages. wow. ♪ what? ♪ mmm. it looks delicious! i didn't work out this morning. i should try it? yeah. actually pretty tasty. sausage, egg and cheese. mmm! this is from special k? no way! that ch
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